Lesbian Symbol Two Hearts

Lesbian Symbol Two Hearts
Lesbian Symbol Two Hearts
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3 in W x 2.6 in H 9 in W x 8.0 in H 15 in W x 13.3 in H 21 in W x 18.7 in H 27 in W x 24.0 in H
4 in W x 3.5 in H 10 in W x 8.9 in H 16 in W x 14.2 in H 22 in W x 19.6 in H 28 in W x 24.9 in H
5 in W x 4.4 in H 11 in W x 9.8 in H 17 in W x 15.1 in H 23 in W x 20.5 in H 29 in W x 25.8 in H
6 in W x 5.3 in H 12 in W x 10.7 in H 18 in W x 16.0 in H 24 in W x 21.4 in H 30 in W x 26.7 in H
7 in W x 6.2 in H 13 in W x 11.6 in H 19 in W x 16.9 in H 25 in W x 22.3 in H  
8 in W x 7.1 in H 14 in W x 12.4 in H 20 in W x 17.8 in H 26 in W x 23.2 in H  


Brand: Oracal

Durability: 6 Years Indoor - Outdoor

We make: Decals, Stickers & Signs for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, Businesses, Laptops, Windows, Walls, Cabinets, Etc.

To Be Place: Anywhere with a clean, smooth and flat surface.



To install our vinyl decals:

1.) Carefully clean all dirt and residue from the application surface and allow to dry thoroughly.

2.) For Large Graphics Such As Racing Stripes, Hood Decals, Etc. & Bumper Letter Inserts Only - Use Vinyl Application Fluid or use a spray bottle of water with one drop of dish soap mixed in to very slightly moisten the vehicle surface you wish to apply the decal to. This allows for some forgiveness in repositioning and easier elimination of air bubbles. Do Not Use for Metallic Backed Decals such as Stainless Steel or Carbon Fiber as they must be applied to a dry surface! This step is not recommended for standard decal installation.

3.) Partially remove the backing from the application tape/decal about 1/4-1/2 way. Work slowly so the decal will stay adhered to the clear application tape.

4.) Position the decal for application and lightly press on the exposed side of the application tape.

5.) Firmly press your hand down the application tape while removing more of the backing at the same time, slowly working your way down the decal.

6.) Use a flexible edged hard plastic object such as a plastic putty knife, plastic scraper, or credit card as a squeegee against the application tape to work out any air bubbles and the application fluid/soapy water solution on large graphic installs.

7.) For Rocker/Racing Stripes/LeMans Stripes/Etc: Carefully make cuts to allow for door/body/window seams using an extremely sharp high-precision knife such as an X-ACTO Knife and then press vinyl edge into seam. Trim excess vinyl off ends of the decal and ensure all ends of vinyl are properly pressed down.

8.) Carefully and slowly remove the application tape, pulling it off at a 180 degree angle.

9.) Your decal is now applied. If any air bubbles remain, they will usually disappear after a few weeks. Please allow the decal’s adhesive to cure for at least 24 hours before washing or waxing your vehicle.



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